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Spotlight Blogs and Category Questions

Hi guys. We're going to be making some improvements to the Mormon Mommy Blogs site and would like your input. There are a few polls over there in the sidebar.

The first question asks if you think we should rotate the categories, so that one day the Lighter Side blogs are at the top, the next day, the NEXT category down is at the top, and so on.

The second question asks if you think we should change the categories so that only the ten most recently updated blogs appear within the category. The idea is that we could then consolidate some of the categories, but with fewer blogs appearing at any given time in each category, your blog has a better chance of being seen when you actually update.

The last question has to do with nominating blogs for the Spotlight of the Day/Week.

All of these improvements (including an eventual move to a new and improved blog) are things we are considering in order to help you increase your traffic. I'm looking forward to getting your feedback. If you have other ideas, please feel free to leave a comment or email us at mormonmommyblogs at gmail dot com.

Also, I just want to publicly thank the Motherboard for all that she does to keep this site running. I have been seriously slacking, and this blog would no longer exist without all that she does. She's amazing and I'm so grateful that she has been running the show. ~ Sue

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