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And the winner is... has spoken and we have the winners of the first ever MMB giveaway!
533 of you entered! Wow! That's incredible!
(Have you registered your blog with the MMB?)

Winners, please send us your information so we can get your loot to you!

We will be starting something new coming up this next week. We will open up the comments for YOU, the MMB readers, to post about the giveaways that you are having on your blogs. We will do that twice a month. We have had many, many emails from people asking us to highlight their giveaways, or have a category on the MMB where we would highlight the blogs with giveaways. While that is not feasible, we really liked the idea of letting you advertise your giveaways. Look for that next week sometime.

We have lots of other fun stuff planned for the MMB, so make sure you either follow us, or subscribe to our feed so that you don't miss out on all the fun that is The MMB!

Now what you all have been waiting for... may we present to you, The Winners!

The winner of the Photo shoot is Malinda! Congrats Malinda!

The proud owner of these lovely earrings is Natalie over at Turtle Soup! Congrats Natalie!

The lucky winner of the $20 shopping spree to Bowlicious is Treen over on Pink little babies. Congrats Treen! Your pink babies will look mah-velous!

Congrats to Emily Jonas at Modestly Chic! You are about to become the most organized, trendiest Momma out there! Congrats Emily!

The lucky winner of this amazing new CD from the talented pianist, Sherrie Shephard, is Katie over at Living Life One Day At A Time! Prepare yourself for a peaceful afternoon, once you pop this CD in! Lucky you, Katie!

This adorable little critter, from Hollywood's Flakey Friends goes to Jamie over on Handful of Blessings! You new babies will love looking at this adorable little girl! Congrats Jamie!

I am oddly jealous of Trublubyu: Laughing at Lifes Little Wedgies, on her win of a Book of Mormon Hero cape. How fun are her kids going to have wearing one of these? Lucky!

This lovely pillow will now be featured prominently in the home of Little Miss English Teacher. Lucky you, Little Miss!

Last but not least, is the lucky winner of the Target gift card... Lori & Matt! Imagine my surprise when I went over to tell her what she had won... and found a post all about why she loves Target! I guess The Secret really does work! Congrats Lori & Matt!

Now, don't you fret if you didn't win anything this time around. We are scurrying around like crazies trying to collect more loot for our February giveaway. If you are interested in donating something to our giveaway, send us an email at mormonmommyblogs(AT) gmail(DOT) com.

Don't forget to register your blog with us! ~ Motherboard

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