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New Category

Just a quick update: We have a new category here at MMB: Motherhood. If your blog is primarily about your children and being a mom, and you would like your blog moved to the Motherhood category, please let us know.

Also, we did some category consolidation and made some related changes. If you can't find your blog, make sure to click the "Show All" button. The blogs are rotating so that only the 10 most current will show at any given time. If you can't find your CATEGORY, check Slice of Life. We consolidated a lot of the general categories under that one general category. It didn't make sense to have more than one category for general blogs. If you feel your blog does not belong in this category, or have suggestions for a category (because you feel your blog fits in that particular category), please email us.


Here are the top nine nominated blogs to vote on. We will close the polls on Tuesday, January 13th. Please visit these blogs, take a look around and cast your vote! The poll is in the sidebar.

PS: Did I mention that MomBabe made our nifty new banner? For free even? Because SHE DID. (Thanks again MomBabe!)

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