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Please Vote - for January Spotlight Blogs and for CJane!

There's just one day left in the January Spotlight voting - be sure to cast your vote over in the sidebar. Polls close at midnight On January 13th. (To see a list of the eligible blogs, please click here.)

Also, please vote for CJane to win the Best Major Blog category at the 2008 Weblogs. Poor CJane is getting run through the wringer right now, all over the internet. Some of the huge bloggers she's up against are posting incredibly nasty things about her and Mormonism in general - because they're upset that she came out of nowhere and has a shot at winning. They're jealous, and so they're mean. I'd like to see her win anyway, but I'd ESPECIALLY like to see her win because of the haters.

If you get a minute, please head over there and vote, (you can vote every day) then spread the word. Let's make sure the good guys win for once.

(While you're at it, please vote for the Bingham Diaries in the Parenting Blog category. Don't get me wrong - all of her competition are really nice folks, but she just had a hysterectomy and I'm thinking a strong showing in that category would be a pretty nice get well soon present from the blogosphere.)

Thanks ~ Sue

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