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April Blog Spotlight

Our April Blog Spotlight was a landslide win with 58% of the votes going to Our Best Bites.

Our Best Bites is a fantastic website dedicated to everyone's favorite: Food! Who doesn't love food, and good food at that? Our Best Bites is run by two savvy women who love food as much as the next gal-- they just took it to the next level-- Sharing it with rest of us food lovers!

Have you been dying for those amazing Lettuce Wraps from P.F. Changs? (heck yes!) Well, get out of your coffin because Our Best Bites has got those delectable delights! Are you having a Family Brunch and have no idea what to serve? Well, look no further than these amazing creations!

Not quite sure how to roast your pizza on the BBQ? Or how to cut the perfect watermelon slices? Not to worry! Our Best Bites has got you covered! With tips, tricks and mouth watering recipes . . . It has everything you could ever need. Our Best Bites is the perfect website for the culinary artist in all of us!

2nd Place - Write Stuff

3rd Place - Jen's Jingles

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