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Guest Posting

Mormon Mommy Blogs loves Guest Posts!

If you would like to be considered for guest postings, please refer to the guidelines below:

  • Guest post submissions should be sent via email to: Please do not send links to blog posts. Only full articles will be considered for publication on Mormon Mommy Blogs. Please send us your very best writing samples only. 
  • Mormon Mommy Blogs does not claim ownership of your work, and cannot be held responsible for content. If we highlight your submission in any area of the site, promotional materials, or otherwise, we are not intending, and should not be deemed to be, endorsement of such submission. For full Terms & Conditions, please contact us.
  • Remember your audience! MMB is a family friendly site, and we ask that submitted articles be family friendly in content and refrain from use of profanity.
  • Mormon Mommy Blogs receives a large amount of guest post submissions. We ask that you allow us 6-8 weeks to go over your article. 
  • If your submission is chosen, you will be contacted with a publish date.
  • If you fail to follow these guidelines, you will not hear from us. If you have not heard back from MMB in regards to your submission, please check that you followed our guidelines and resubmit. 
Thank you! 

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