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Hey everyone! We have some amazing top secret things that we are getting ready to unveil! However, to do so, we have to do a little spring cleaning and modifying of the MMB requirements. Here's where y'all can help out.

We are going to be going through every single blog, (all 1,064 of them) checking for dead links, private blogs and blogs that haven't been used in over 6 months. We are also checking for link backs to us.

Here's the first requirement modification:

You must have the button
- its easier for us to find. If we don't see the button on the front page of your blog, then sadly we will not be listing you. If your blog is private, or has not been used in over 6 months, then it will be deleted as well.

Now. If you aren't a fan of the button, that's OK. Just remember that there are big changes brewing-- so put it up for now and wait for what exciting things we have coming your way.


Because of this super top secret thing that we are working on-- from sun up to sun up-- we have to do some routine maintenance. SO... The MMB will be closed on Saturday April 18th from 9pm EST until Monday, April 20th 6am EST.

Don't freak out if you try to click over to us during that time frame... we are just finishing up our super top secret event!


One last thing. Please take the time to activate your email to your profile. In order for the changes we have coming to work, everyone needs their email on their profiles. Also, if you have never emailed us (only signed up via a comment) then we will need you to email us as well mormonmommyblogs AT gmail DOT com.

Thanks everyone! We are so excited to unveil our super top secret thing! We just know you are going to love it!

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