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The Amazing April Giveaway Winners

You have been waiting for the winners of our Amazing April Giveaway-- Wait no further. We actually had one lucky blogger win twice! It totally pays to blog, tweet or facebook!!

Winners, please contact the MMB and the sponsors of your giveaway item.
Thanks and congrats on winning!

The May giveaway has some pretty awesome stuff!
Check back for that on May 18th!

Brooke - Gingham World's Doll

Michelle Bebe - Sugarhouse Ink

Knit Purl Gurl - My Cute Dress ups

McAuliffe - Wiggle Like A Fish

Morgan & Derek - Scripture Tote

Sheena - Book Gift pack #1

Momza - Book Gift pack #2

Sarah aka the one w/the accent - Tutu

Brooke (see? It totally pays to enter twice!) - Tutu

Enjoy shopping for quality baby clothing at

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