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May blog spotlight

Beeswax. Who doesn't love Beeswax? I like all kinds of Beeswax. Burts Beeswax. Murray's Beeswax for hair (not really). Beeswax candles. Beeswax Rubber stamps and when you get the hankering, there's even a Beeswax magazine. (Thanks Google!)

However, none of those bees can wax anything like our very own Beeswax, the winner of the May blog spotlight! She had her peeps voting from their I-phones. That's tricky, or so I hear!

Beeswax is a fantastic writer who writes about important things. Like which super hero she is most like while doing the dishes, or how The Holy Ghost told her to go to Taco Bell. (Don't we all wish we could use that excuse?)

Beeswax writes open letters to other bloggers, and her younger self. I have often wondered, after reading this post, just how many degrees IS Beeswax separated from Kevin Bacon? You decide.

Beeswax. Not only does she have some serious fashion style, but her skill with words will be hard to match. Go check her out, and tell her MMB sent you.

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