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Mothering Teens - Your Responses

Recently, MMB invited any blogging friends out there who are either parenting teens and young adults, or who have done so and lived to tell the tale, to share some of their wisdom and experience with the rest of us. We hoped we would hear from three or four of you; we were not prepared for the wonderful response we received! Thanks to all of you who submitted contributions. During this week leading up to Mother's Day - and this has to be something akin to Holy Week at a place like ours! - we will be publishing short Guest Posts from some of these experienced moms. It is our hope that they will inspire and encourage moms in every stage of parenting.


I have to say I love teenagers! When my oldest became a teen I realized I had entered the "big leagues" so to speak. Here they make decisions that will affect them for the rest of their lives. The best part about teens is they are on the verge of becoming real people, like Pinocchio becoming a real boy. You remember all the adventures of Pinocchio of course on that quest to becoming a real boy? That is the very best description of the teen years. I have seven children and five are over 18, two still at home. Our Pinocchio's' have brought us to our knees and taught us things like nothing else in this life ever could. From enlisting in the military for a "surprise" on his 18 birthday, to marrying a man who was illegal and got deported four months later, to not speaking to his father from the age of 15-19, to getting arrested and sent to jail for five years, they have been the trial of my life. But after they become "real people" ah what a joy and a blessing!

~ Roblynn, from "Hot Moms R Us"

I’ve noticed that not many of the”mommy blogs” talk about teenagers and I think I know the reason. It is because they (teenagers) are difficult. They are rarely cute. And not even all that funny.

They roll their eyes and sigh. They say “fine,” and ”I said fine.” They refuse to wear the clothes that you know would look perfect on them. They hide food in their rooms until you are forced to do your freaked out because of a mouse mommy act.

They sit on the couch while you do the dishes. They watch “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” even though you tell them not to. They expect you to drive them places all the time. And buy all their friends birthday presents. And let them wear your favorite shoes. They expect you to be quiet when their friends are over and tell you to “stop doing that,” even when you aren’t doing anything.

Teenagers are painful. Their shortcomings and weaknesses are excruciatingly familiar. Perhaps it’s just me?

And yet…

Oh my. They are so beautiful sometimes it hurts to look at them. The time you have left together seems to flash forward like a dream. They look like your beloved but they insist on being themselves. They still smell like your babies and some days your arms ache to hold them. Other days you can barely stand to be with them.

Your hopes for them, your dreams and expectations could fill the oceans and overflow. It certainly isn’t fair…to either of you.

Have I said too much? My teenagers, my darling girls, my daughters, my sisters, my best friends, I love you so. Sometimes, you are so perfect it hurts.

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