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Your blog could be next!

Have you been coveting the blog spotlight? You should. It's quite the honor. You get a month's feature in the MMB sidebar, here on the blog page and the home page. It's pretty cool.

Have you seen the blogs that have won the coveted blog spotlight honor? No? Well, Lets review, shall we?

Crazy lady on Road 80 was a landslide nomination and win in February.

March featured our favorite Misplaced American
(who is moving back to the states right now, as we speak.
Her blog moved too. You can find it here.)

April's spot was held by our favorite food blog, Our Best Bites.

The newest leader of the pack is Beeswax.
Have you visited her yet?
She gives away Prada bags, people!

Who will be next?
Nominate yourself.
Get your peeps to nominate you!
Just get nominating!

Nominations will be open until May 27th, 11:59 pm.
The blogs with the most nominations will be put in the final poll
which will be located in our side bar above the current blog spotlight!
Good luck!

* If you have been a blog spotlight, or a runner up, you must wait 3 months before being nominated again! *

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