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June Blog Spotlight - Shark Bait

Our June blog spotlight is the talented and amazing blogger Shark Bait Whenever I hear her blog name, Shark Bait, I can't help but add the line from Finding Nemo: Shark Bait(ooo ha ha)!

She writes about the crazy things she never says and her question of the day posts always illicit excellent comment fodder! Shark Bait (ooo ha ha) is slightly obsessed with John Mayer. And Keane. She has written several open letters to them, and is convinced that they visited her blog. Which they probably did, because she's famous and all. She is in fantastic shape, and just biked 104 miles.

Shark Bait (ooo ha ha) is impressive! She's an impressive blogger, an impressive mother and an impressive woman. If you haven't been reading Shark Bait (ooo ha ha) then you have been missing out on the party of the century!

2nd place - Ameliorate Me
3rd place - Swanee Singer

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