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Blush Topless Undershirt

I was recently sent one of Blush's topless undershirts to try and review. To say they are incredible is an understatement. I am usually a size large, however Blushes topless undershirt made me a size medium. Talk about miracle work!

In the past, whenever I have worn a tank shirt to cover up my unmentionables, the tank either rides up or smothers my girls. Wearing a tank is also hot and constricting. With Blush, all of that is eliminated.

This product resembles a tube top, but it sits at the waist, bridging the gap between your favorite tops and pants. It creates a stylish, layered look without adding the bulkiness of another shirt or tank top.

I love this product! I love how comfortable the fabric is, and how I hardly noticed I was wearing it! It doesn't cling, or ride and feels like you are wearing nothing at all. Which is what all of us girls want, right?

Their website describes their product:

Blush Accessories welcomes you to a product that helps adjust the clothes you already have to fit you perfectly. This is a shirt that is to be worn like a tube top, but around the waist. Our product is made of a poly/rayon/spandex blend, allowing a huge amount of stretch and great support.

"If you love the look of layering without adding the extra bulk and straps, this is a product for you. Unlike a tank top or long shirt, it does not have straps which cause your undershirt to constantly ride up. It stays put without having to always readjust. Without straps, you are not limited to where the length of your shirt falls. You can adjust to any length, whether you want it to go just over the top of your pants or all the way down to your thigh. For all your favorite shirts that have shrunk in the dryer….don't throw them away! Just add a {topless undershirt} and you still have the length of the shirt you bought it as."

They also make a maternity version, and I really wish I had known about this incredible company when I was pregnant with my last baby! Judging by how amazing their "For everyone else" topless shirt is, I can only imagine the sheer ecstasy a pregnant belly would experience!

Thank you Blush, for the opportunity to try your amazing product and learn more about it. I am totally hooked and you have gained a new client!

Blush is offering one of our lucky MMB readers
one of their very own topless undershirts in our July Giveaway Extravaganza.
Make sure to check here on July 27th for your chance to win your very own Blush topless shirt! You can also head over to their site right now and purchase one . . .
for $15.00, you can afford to get three!!

Enjoy shopping for quality baby clothing at

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