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Creativity is a Choice, 16 Ways we Create

Last summer I wrote about the creativity I see within the women in my life. Unfortunately, it is too easy to say, "I'm not creative, I don't sew, paint, decorate, or play the piano..." or "I wish I were more creative." Sure, there are ways that each of us could be more creative. But today, I submit that creativity is a choice.

I believe that our maker made each of us to create. That one of our missions in this life is to create. To make something new, to become something more. No, we won't create in the same way, nor will we create the same things. Though, I believe that we all have the capacity to create, and that using and developing that capacity is, in fact, a choice. A decision we each make, every single day.

Here are 16 ways that we can choose to create each day:

  1. Happiness - Choose to create happiness in the lives of those around us and within ourselves. Letting go of anything causing unhappiness.
  2. Beauty - Choose to create beauty wherever we go, whatever we do. Create a beautiful outlook. Two of my best friends: Elizabeth & Gayle, lost their mother 2 years ago last February. Gail was my mother-away-from-home. She taught me so much by her example, what I admire most was her search for beauty in the simple. She knew how to make moments beautiful. Everyday was a holiday. Holidays were just as meaningful and beautiful. She found beauty everywhere, knew how to enjoy it but not overload in consumerism. Gail’s discovery has helped me on my own quest for beauty.
  3. Learning - Choose to create a life of learning. Choose to create a place of learning in our homes. Research says if you want your children to enjoy reading, your children should see you read. I believe that a love of learning can be taught similarly. As a mother of three wee kiddos, I soon realized that finding joy each day required personal learning. Now, I have goals and projects that I work on each day. Green living, healthy and inexpensive meals, teaching my kiddos through literature, spiritual growth, natural health, and art are some of my current learning areas.
  4. A Home - Choose to create a home of safety and peace for those we love. Organize every needful thing…become a mother who knows.
  5. Satisfaction - Choose to create and foster satisfaction at work, at home, in every aspect of our life. To be happy with less.
  6. Spiritual Growth - Choose to create spiritual growth within ourselves and find opportunities to teach our children. Taking time to ponder and become more. Being patient with ourselves in the process.
  7. Laughter - Choose to create laughter throughout our day, when times are difficult, when others need a lift.
  8. Love - Choose to create love. Choose to love and be loved.
  9. Optimism - Choose to create optimism and shut out the negativity that can so easily creep into our lives. Let there be hope.
  10. Savings - Choose to create a debt-free life, a life of financial security, a life of saving. Make personal financial goals as well as family goals. Join others seeking financial freedom.
  11. Faith - Choose to create a life of faith. Believing in that which our heart testifies to be true. Create strength with that faith and reach our potential spiritually, as mothers, and within our careers.
  12. Joy - Choose to create joy everyday. Set goals and have the determination to find that joy. Take time to search for the real and true.
  13. Peace - Choose to create peace. Allow it to shut out the hate that causes so much pain. Like Maria Covey Cole, choose contentment.
  14. Friendship - Choose to create friendship. Make time for those that we love and nourish true friendships. I believe true friends are the kind that as time passes, a special love remains and even grows. Perhaps it's making time for a girl’s night out, simply chillin’ together, or a spa day.
  15. Health - Choose to create a healthy lifestyle for ourselves and for our families. Be an example and strength to those around us that seek healthy lives as well. Join and participate in mmb groups that focus on healthy lifestyle, cooking, or food storage.
  16. Miracles - Choose to create blessings and miracles within the lives of others: those that we love, those that we know, and those that we may not know but surely could use a helping hand. Choose to serve by listening to our heart. I've been particularly grateful for good friends, family, and their service, as we've moved lately. Truly creating miracles in our life.

It's a long list. It can be longer. Does it help you see where you are creating every day? We may not all craft, organize, or sing, but we all can choose to create. Make a goal with me. Let us choose another way we can be creative.

Have you seen this beautiful short video based on President Uchtdorf's talk on women and creating? It is truly empowering!

Take a minute and remind yourself that you are creative. That you can become more creative. That you can choose to be creative.

Join me. Choose to be a Divine Woman. Choose to Create!

Trina Berg blogs and creates at The Daily Delights. There you will find her daily quest for joy and beauty, as she works on goals of discovery, delight, and development. Her current project areas include: art, children's literature activities, green architecture, healthy cooking, natural health, green living, spirituality, and friendship. Once she was a student of Early Childhood Education and Landscape Architecture. Now she is married to the designer, and is enrolled as a student of wifery and motherhood, with three small kiddos (the builder: 4, the dancer: 2, and the explorer: 1). She is ever dreaming of becoming. Hoping to create beauty wherever she her home, through design, and on canvas. You can find more of Trina at

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