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Discussion Wednesday - Blog vs. The Real World


We all do it.

(Well, most of us anyways)

And I'm just wondering, what kind of blogger are you?

See, I was talking to my friend,

and I said, the only problem I have with blogging is that it's so


People only see what they want to see,

When they want to see it,

And only under the right light.

Because people are apt to disagree.

Because what I get out of a post, and what YOU get out of a post,

Are most likely going to be two very different ideas,

From two very different places.

Same words,

Different conclusions.

That's just how the world works....

Which got me to thinking,


Do you stand behind the words you write,

Even when they cause a stir?

Do you talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly?

Or do you only show snapshots of your life?

Do you pretend to be perfect?

Do you feel pressured to BE perfect?

Does blogging set up unrealistic expectations of life as we know it?

Does reading other peoples blogs make you feel guilty?

And do you have to censor yourself?

If your best friend read your blog, would she know it was written by you?

Is your blog a true reflection of who you are?

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