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Shelf Reliance Giveaway

How do we love thee, Oh mighty MMB readers?

Let us count the ways... three, yes THREE giveaways right in a row!

Sheesh! That's a whole-lotta-lovin' getting spread around! (And, this is just the beginning of the crazy giveaways we have planned!)

Shelf reliance is hosting another giveaway here on the MMB for one of their amazing THRIVE Raspberry Cake Bars Gift Bowl!

This tasty gift comes with all the THRIVE ingredients you'll need to make mouth-watering raspberry bars.

Seriously? How awesome is that? My mouth is watering just thinking about those yummy bars!
Shelf Reliance has taken the mundane out of Food Storage, and made it exciting! Who knew you could eat such good food and have fun with Food Storage??

OK you probably did. But I sure as heck didn't! Shelf Reliance's Revolutionary Food Storage program is one of a kind!

The Rules

Leave a comment on this post. Make sure you enter your blog url. If you win, you want the shout-outs and traffic that will come from this prestigious award!

For a second entry, click over to the Shelf Reliance web page and subscribe to their email newsletter. Come back and leave a second comment. (That email subscription will let you in on all the amazing things that are happening at Shelf Reliance!)

For a third entry, spread the love via facebook or twitter (with a link back the MMB), then come back and comment again.

For a fourth entry, Stumble this post or make us a favorite, or become a fan on Technorati and then come back and comment again! (we even have handy- dandy little links over there in the sidebar above the MMB Guarantee!)

Then, if you leave an insanely funny comment about food storage, you can get a fifth entry.

FIVE separate comments for FIVE separate chances to win this awesome Shelf Reliance Giveaway!

Giveaway closes Thursday, July 9th 11:59pm. Good luck!

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