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Dear MMB,

Mormon Mommy Blog Goddesses,

You encouraged us to ask you questions a few months back. You already answered one of my questions. Could you please answer another one? Please? Is one my limit? =)

How are you posting your blog feeds on Facebook? I tried to set it up for my blog using Networkedblogs but I'm not sure if it worked. It says you're supposed to go to Blogger and add or change something in the SITE FEED section. I have no clue what to add or change in the SITE FEED department. Obviously.

Please use pictures to demonstrate how exactly I should go about doing this as I'm technologically impaired!

Now picture me bowing down in servitude to you,


Okay, first of all, yes, we can answer another one of your questions. There is no limit. (unless you start sending us like 10 a day. Then we might not answer them all.... maybe)

As for the secret to that magic Facebook updates , it's TWITTER. (Are you on Twitter yet? BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME.)

So, first things first, sign up for twitter.

Then sign up for twitter feed, and add your blog feed URL. (That would be your site feed. If you haven't signed up for a feed aggregate yet (like feedburner) then just enter the URL of your blog and twitterfeed will fetch the site feed address for you. Or if you host your blog on blogger, at the very end of your front page, under the last post displayed on that main page, you'll see a link that says "Subscribe to Posts:Atom" Click on that and it will redirect you to your site feed page. Look at the address of that page. Copy the URL. THAT IS YOUR SITE FEED.)

Next, log in to Facebook. Add the twitter application.

Set your twitter page to allow Facebook access. (Umm, on your twitter page, under settings, under connections. )

And then, when you update your blog, it will tell Twitter, who will tell FB.

And every time you update your twitter status, it will tell FB.

It's quite handy in that it makes it look like you're in three places at once when REALLY, you're sitting on the couch eating bon-bons.

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