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Dear MMB

Dear MMB,

While at the library with my children yesterday I decided to glance through the young adult section to see if anything caught my eye. I found Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret by Judy Blume. I brought it home and read it in a couple of hours. I remember back when I was a preteen - there was a big brouhaha about whether preteens should actually be reading this book, because of the content (it discusses her dad's Playboy magazines, Spin the Bottle, purchasing bras and increasing Margaret and her friends' bust sizes, much discussion about when they would start their periods, and questions about religion). Our school library carried the book, but most of my friends' parents wouldn't let them read it. I don't remember whether my parents had an issue with it or not, but I remember wanting to read it even more because of the press it was getting, even just at my school.

Here are my questions: would you let your preteens read this book? Why or why not? Would you feel the need to discuss some things with them before or after reading it? And are there any other young adult books that you may not allow your preteens to read (Twilight and Harry Potter included)?

Thanks for your thoughts!
Erin - If You Give A Mom A Moment

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