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Precious Moments Personalized DVD

Precious Moments has teamed with to bring you a new way to experience the characters that so many of us love. And just how do they do it?

Through the use of Kideo’s patented technology, parents, grandparents and friends alike will be able to have the cherished child in their life star as an angel with an important assignment in the adorable Precious Moments adventure, Our Angel Saves the Day.By obtaining a photo of the child and the child’s name, Kideo digitally inserts the image and name into the story, enabling kids to see themselves and hear their names on screen.

Just think of how much your little one will love hearing their name and seeing their face on the TV!

Based on the original Precious Moments animated story “Little Sparrow”, Our Angel Saves the Day will give parents and family members the opportunity watch their loved one play a little angel who helps save and bring together two villages of Pilgrims and Native Americans in true Thanksgiving fashion. The child starring in the video is featured in full color animation throughout the 22 minute episode, with his or her name also included on the DVD packaging and DVD.

This special DVD is being offered exclusively through, and will be available for order beginning September 1, 2009.

You can see just how a child is featured here.

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