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Tour of MMB-land

Are you ready to find new and exciting blogs to read? It's time for another installment of Tour of MMB-land. (For an explanation of Tour of MMB-land, please see this post)

Kick back, relax and enjoy your tour!

Women need women. Friends are essential to our well-being, and are what help us remain sane. Kym at Temporary Insanity captured it perfectly in her tribute to her friend who is moving. Our wish is that all women everywhere could have such a friend.
Anyone who is a "real" blogger knows who NieNie is. She is inspiring, brave and courageous. Her posts are honest ... if she can have a good attitude after everything she has been through, then there is no excuse for us.
Regarding Annie is one of the freshest, funniest reads in blogdom. Her posts always make us laugh and her titles! Oh her titles. Yes. We have title envy.
This guest post on Formerly Phread's blog about marriage is perfect. It's got just the right amount of funny to go along with the reality of what marriage really is.
Compulsive Writer wrote about attending her recent family reunion, and it was beautiful. One of our favorite lines in the post: I showed my kids (who, because I moved away from my childhood home, don’t even realize I actually had a childhood) the house where my father grew up... Go check Compulsive Writer out and see how amazing her writing really is.
The Craig Report is one of the blogs in our Man Show category. He is hilarious and sentimental all rolled into a snarky little package. Besides his "woman" used to write him notes and have them passed to him through entire BYU class. For reals, he's that hot.
Elesa, from Ahem, has the best idea for a new gadget! I'm telling you, if she markets it I'm totally buying one. Or four.

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