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Dear MMB:

Dear MMB,
I just got called into the Young Womens program about a month ago. My husband is the 1st counselor in the Bishopric. I have 5 kids the oldest being 11 and the youngest being 7 months.

When I got called, my husband was in there and we discussed babysitting issues. My 11 year old will babysit until she enters Young Womens at the first of next year and my 9 year old will be almost ten and can babysit when she goes in. (with the help of my mother in law who lives in our basement apartment.)

I take the baby with me to weekly activities accept the times my husband does not need to be there (which has not happened yet). On Sundays my Husband takes the baby the weeks I teach into Young Mens. The weeks I don't teach I take the baby to YW with me. Sounds like a great arrangement, don't you think?

But wait!

I got our monthly overview of our meeting and the last paragraph discussed kids.( I am the only one that has brought my child.) In it the President discussed how on Sunday and during the week we are to get a babysitter for our children. And even went on to say how more of them would be having babies, and we should not have them in YW. She said it distracted from the spirit. Which I agree.

But here is my problem. My baby nurses and I am the only one that consoles him. Activities start at 7 pm which is right before his bedtime of 8. I still do not feel comfortable leaving him with my 11 year old when it is bedtime. My MIL dislikes babies and would have a hard time taking him. Sundays he would either go to YW or YM. Even at that, he sometimes needs to eat at that time.

What do I do?
Is it really wrong to have babies in YW?
Do I really need to get a babysitter to do my calling?


That is an interesting and tough question, Mychelle. While we definitely have our own opinions on this matter, we thought we would turn this over to the group to discuss. What do you think Ladies? What should Mychelle do?

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