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Doug & Melissa Wooden Puzzles

A few weeks ago I was asked to test toys for a company called ebeanstalk. They sent out a number of baby toys and toys for 1 year olds to toy experts (moms) for their review. While ebeanstalk picks great toys, they like to get some help from the real experts - moms - and we help them select great learning toys. The toy they sent me was a Jumbo Knob Wooden Puzzle from Melissa & Doug, who make lots of wooden toys.

Moxie, who is 18 months old, was so excited when I got the puzzle out for her to try. The puzzle has cleverly integrated not only colors but shapes as well. While Moxie is playing, she is also being taught her shapes and colors! I love that!

The puzzle is perfect for her clumsy little hands to hold and manipulate. She will cart her puzzle with her everywhere she goes, and plays with it for long periods of time. She loves to sit it on her lap, babbling away to the various pieces of the puzzle.
I was curious to see if it was just this puzzle or if Moxie would be interested in other puzzles as well. I went to Toys R Us and purchased another one of Doug & Melissa's wooden puzzles and Moxie loves that one just as much. We say the animal sounds as she puts the pieces where they belong.

I have other puzzles for her to play with, but the Doug & Melissa puzzles seem to be her favorite and are perfect for her little hands that are just learning how to manipulate things. She thinks she is hot stuff, while she plays with her Doug & Melissa puzzles, because she has learned how to place the pieces... all on her own. She is able to problem solve, and figure out where each piece goes and then she beams with pride.
Doug and Melissa's puzzles are all handmade. They are of the highest quality that I have seen yet in wooden puzzles and have the perfect sized knobs for baby hands to hold. The colors they use are bright and eye catching.

I have zero reservations about recommending this toy, or this website to other Moms. It is a wonderful toy for small children, and the perfect website to purchase them from. is a fantastic resource for not only purchasing toys, but finding the top selling toys in each age category. If you are wondering what toys would be the toy of the century to get that lucky child in your life, then check out You can not go wrong.

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