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Itty Bitty Bookworm

Itty Bitty Bookworm is a literature based curriculum for your toddler or preschooler. Focusing on the joys of reading, they guide your child through activities and projects revolving around the theme of the stories you read.

Each month, four books are chosen. So you get to focus on one book a week, and really enjoy it. The books include authors like Eric Carle, Robert McCloskey, Lucinda McQueen, and many more.

The curriculum itself is WONDERFUL. Absolutely, hands down, the best curriculum I've seen. The people behind the curriculum are early childhood educators, and they have made each lesson easily adaptable for any child.

The Itty Bitty Bookworm program also covers the entire YEAR, so you get twelve full months of lesson plans. And they use a two year rotation, so that your child won't have to repeat the curriculum! That's 24 months of books, activities, songs, projects, and ideas, tailored to meet your child's incividual needs.

The curriculum is broken up into two age groups. Bailey is the 18month - 3 year curriculum, and Bo is the 3-5 year curriculum. Each curriculum has different goals that more closely relate to the childrens ages.

Also included in the program are tools for the teacher. Worksheets, cut-outs, material lists, and newsletters for parents. It's a very comprehensive program, for a very low price.

I'm using the Bo curriculum to teach my daughter's preschool class right now, and I couldn't be happier with the results.

So if you're a preschool teacher or director, or a home-schooling parent, or just a parent that wants to instill the joy of reading into your child, Itty Bitty Bookworm is the curriculum for you.

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