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Mormons Made Simple

Have you ever had to tell someone just what it means to be a Mormon? And have you had a hard time explaining yourself? I have, because as Mormons, we have our own language and culture, and it can be hard to explain our basic beliefs in layman's terms. Luckily, Mormons Made Simple is here to help.

The purpose of Mormons Made Simple is to to promote understanding of the Mormon faith through fun and educational videos that can be easily shared in online communities.

And one online community in particular is the focus of their next project.

The Facebook Missionary Challenge is quite simple.

1. First, sign up by visiting

2. Every 7 days we'll send you an email with a link to post a new MormonsMadeSimple to your Facebook account. We'll also provide you with advice on how to answer questions relating to that video's content.

3. You post the video to Facebook and try to spark casual conversations about the church with non-member friends.

4. You share your successes on this forum and encourage all your LDS friends to take the challenge!

That's it! It's a new, simple, effective way to spread the gospel using today's technology.

If you need more information about the Facebook Missionary Challenge, visit the sign up page.

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