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Dear MMB

Dear MMB:

I would really like to get some ideas on what to do- - In my family, we have one spouse who goes to church with their 5 children. The other spouse wants nothing to do with the church. They have been baptized and went while in their youth, however now? They are totally uninterested... How do you raise 5 kids in this type of situation? How do you teach your children about being an eternal family, when we are not one? How do you live the gospel, have FHE and scripture study, and family prayers without ostracizing the non-practicing spouse? What can I do? Please help!

Thanks for all the hard work you put into MMB! It is the highlight of my mornings and I love not having to bookmark blogs anymore!



OK Ladies! Lets put our thinking caps on, and offer support to Becky!

Are there any of you out there in similar situations?

How do you handle this?

What suggestions do you have?

What would YOU do and how would you feel?

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