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Latter Daily Art

Latter Daily Art is a new website dedicated to showcasing the emerging talent of LDS artists.

Every day, they offer ONE new piece of art for purchase at a deeply discounted rate. The only catch? You have to buy it that day. The art is for sale for one day only, hence the name, Latter DAILY Art.

They also sponsor a monthly LDS art contest. If you want the world to see your artwork or photography, you can submit your piece to the site. What do you get if you win? $300 and a chance to sell your piece on the site.

This month's winner is David Habben II of Habben Ink Illustration. One of David's paintings, title "Yesterday, Today, and Forever", was featured on the inside cover of the August 2009 Ensign.

His new work, which won the September Latter Daily Art Contest, titled "To Guide Us In These Latter Days", depicts a young Joseph Smith in the act of prayer.

In his uplifted hand are two rings, symbolizing the eternal possibility of marriage and families. On his lap is an open book, where on one side a hole represents the incomplete teachings he saw in his day. The opposite side of the book contrasts this by showing a page being sewn back together to solidify the doctrine. To his left are two keys, representing the "keys of the priesthood", central to the restoration of the gospel. Finally, his clothing is full of feathers. These serve two meanings: First, they are a foreshadowing of the persecution he would receive in the form of tar and feathers, from those who opposed his role as a prophet. Second, the usage of feathers and birds is common in early civilizations to demonstrate prayer or a connection to divinity.

You should definitely check out Latter Daily Art. Browse the gallery or submit one of your own pieces. They have a great thing going over there, and we should do our part to help support the talent that these artists have.

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