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We have some Questions... Let's see if you have the answers

As participants/readers of the MMB:

1) Would you be interested in attending/supporting an MMB version of BlogHer? Meaning, a 2 day conference type meet-n-greet event with sponsors, Key note speakers, break-out classes, food and fine entertainment? (I sounded like a commercial right there...)

2) How much would you be willing to pay for the event? The price of a one day ticket, or a whole package deal? Would you be interested in Hotel rates? When would you like to see it happen? Around General Conference Time? Women's Conference or Pioneer Day? What about National No Diet Day or Chocolate Chip Day? (those are true blue holidays!)

Tell us when you would be inclined to want to attend. (remembering that June/August is off limits--those are when the big dogs play!)

3) If you have a business would you be interested in participating? Either by being one of our sponsors OR where you could have a booth, hand out samples of your product etc on our "live blogging floor"?

4) What type of "Break-out" classes would you be interested in attending? Blog design? Blogging 101? Photography classes or writing classes? Tell us what you would like to learn.

Please leave your comments, suggestions and all hail praises in our comments! We want to hear what you want, and what you would enjoy! Then, we will try and make it happen.

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