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Dear MMB


I was hoping you could put this out to your readers for suggestions. I have been asked to decorate for a Christmas event put on by my stake and our neighboring stake. Several other churches will be coming to perform and hundreds of nativities will be on display. I have never done anything to this scale before. Beyond my own home and kids birthday parties, I have never done anything like this. I am already in our ward Relief Society Presidency and I have 3 kids, 5 years and younger. (Insert mental picture of me pulling my hair out.) But I digress, sorry. As part of my assignment I have been asked to create a night sky in the cultural hall. Any suggestions? The more specific the better.

HERE is a link to the website for this event. Yes, this is NOT just a stake Christmas party. Thanks to you and in advance to your readers!

Thank you sincerely,


First of all, this sounds amazing. I urge all of you good people in Arizona to go to that website up there and make a little note of the time and date. It will be a wonderful way to kick off the Christmas season.

Second of all, I have The. Best. Idea. Ever. Unfortunately, I can't take any credit for it, because I'm stealing the idea from my sister's wedding reception. (Which happened in the church cultural hall so it's totally doable in your case)

The answer is white tulle and white Christmas lights.

Go stand right in the middle of the gym and look up. There should be a metal ring up there. Now look at the walls. All along the edge of the walls, there are metal hooks.

With a very tall ladder, and plenty of time, you should be able to string the white twinkle lights, encased in the tulle, from the center to the outside of the room. It will look all night-timey and magical.

I even found a picture, courtesy google images, to show you what I mean.

Totally pretty, right?

What about you guys? How would you make a nighttime sky in the cultural hall?

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