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eDivvy: Spend Less, Give More

The Holiday's are Coming! The Holiday's are Coming!

Christmas decorations have been up for weeks, radio stations have started playing carols, even the tv commercials have a decidedly Christmas vibe. But in the midst of an economic downfall, many of us are having to change the way we do Christmas.

According to the National Retail Federation, group gifting is on the rise, and is dedicated to making that process easier for you.

eDivvy takes the hassle out of collecting the money for group gifts. Family and friends can just login and pay their portion directly to the site. And if you organize a group gift right now, they'll give you a $25 gift card!
eDivvy works with major retailers including Macy's, Target, Amazon, Apple, and even Lego. They have taken the guess work out of shopping by offering suggestions about group gift ideas. You can search by event, like Bride-to-be and New Baby, or you can browse their selection of gifts by interest.

To be honest, though, what caught my eye are the care packages. eDivvy has put together care packages for those serving our country.
Caring is sharing -- and truer words were never spoken. Sending a care package is enough to make grown adults cry. It’s like Christmas and your birthday rolled into one. Each item is destined to be cherished and appreciated for months and months.
They also have care packages for boarding school and college care.

If you were looking into cutting down your holiday costs, this would be a fantastic way to do it. eDivvy makes gifting fun, easy, and affordable.

Enjoy shopping for quality baby clothing at

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