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General Conference Discussion - Elder Jorge F. Zeballos

This week we’ll spend a little time counting our blessings. The talk “Attempting the Impossible” was given by Elder Jorge F. Zeballos during the Saturday afternoon session of General Conference, and he testifies that we truly have access to blessings we sometimes might feel are out of our reach. I think it kind of slipped under the radar for me when I watched conference, but it caught my eye as I was flipping through the Ensign. I’ve been learning a lot of lessons lately about how a “purely human point of view” just doesn’t cut it as far as seeing things how they really are. Learning to see our circumstances, the course of our lives, and even ourselves the way the Lord sees them all is quite liberating. I’m curious to hear what you find in this talk that helps you see the impossible through different eyes.


“From a purely human point of view, at first [the commandment to become perfect] seems to be an impossible task. However, it begins to appear possible upon understanding that in order to achieve it, we are not alone. The most marvelous and powerful helps for which a human being may seek are always available.”

“Eternal life is to live with our Father and with our families forevermore. Should not this promise be the greatest incentive to do the best within our reach?”

You can read the talk here, or watch it here, or listen to it here. It is also on page 33 of the conference edition of the Ensign.

What does Elder Zeballos' talk help you learn about
your abilities, your possibilities, or your responsibilities?

What does the talk inspire you to do?

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