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Holiday Giveaway Entry Form instructions

In order to make these and future giveaways run smoothly, we have started a new giveaway policy.

You will notice that you will not be able to leave comments on the giveaway posts. This is because we have entry forms that we will be using for all of our giveaways from here on out. It makes it easier for us to pick the winners and collect all of the necessary data.

We will never use your data for anything other than the giveaways. Motherboard and Mombabe are the only ones that will ever see your information, and once the winner is chosen, we will delete the data completely. If you want to still keep your "secret identy" that's cool with us. Just put your moniker in the name slot... we can mail your winnings to you that way as well.

You're secrets are always safe with us.

It is difficult to chase people down when they win things, and even more difficult to get people to email us their mailing information. This is why we have chosen to use Entry Forms.

For each possible entry, instead of leaving a comment, you will simply fill out the Entry Form. Our computers will gather the information and put it into spread sheets for us...

We pinky swear to delete all information once the giveaway winner is chosen.

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