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I knew there was something I needed to do...

. . . But I didn't have it written on the calendar or entered into my iTouch so how was I to remember?

Maybe the big 'E' flashing on the dashboard of my van might have been a reminder, but I always ignore it and I've never had a problem before (okay, maybe there was that one time).

In my own defense, you need to understand that my Empty light is a little bit of an alarmist. The light flicks on when I've got at least 1/4 of a tank left. I mean really, if you're going to flick on then at least be accurate! I can still go a really long way on 1/4 tank of gas. And then, if you take fumes into consideration, I can go even further!

I guess tonight I ran out of fumes. As I see it that little orange colored E-light should have been doing something more to warn me. Just sitting there, doing nothing, like it has for the last week, is ineffective! If there had been blinking, slow first and then faster as the tank got emptier, and maybe some sirens or alarms, then maybe I would have paid attention. But just sitting there, hoping I'll notice it, is certainly not going to achieve its little goal now is it?

So, anyway, as I turned the corner from our piano teacher's house tonight, I felt a little jolt and, although I've never felt it before (okay, maybe that one time), it was as recognizable as that I've-gotta-push feeling you have when you are about to give birth to your first child. You mothers out there will know what I'm talking've never felt it before but you know darn well what it is and what you need to do. So, after I felt the little jolt/kick, I knew to pull over to the side, loudly declare, 'Crap! I ran out of gas!', get out of the van and begin the walk home, whereupon I humbly opened the door and confessed my sin to Father Hubby.

"Forgive me Hubby, for I have sinned. I ignored the happy little 'E' light on the dashboard for the last week. I knew that I needed to get the tank filled today but I got too busy. I really believed that I had more fumes left."

Given Hubby's parting comment as he left to go pick up our other daughter from her piano lesson and then get a jerry can full of gas, I believe I'm going to have some repenting to do.

Maybe I'll start with paying attention to the Full/Empty sign on my gas gauge. That's what my superego says, but my id (thank you, my wonderful, totally expensive, waste of paper, psychology degree for making me sound smart right at this very moment) wants to argue that would it really be too much to ask for a little alarm when I'm down to my last 5 litres? Would it? I mean the way technology is nowadays that can't be all that difficult to invent.

Whoops, looks like I'm not doing a very good job of being repentant.

"Forgive me Father Hubby.... WAS a really nice night for a walk.
....Kiki and I enjoyed the fresh night air
....and holding hands, just the two of us, as we walked and chatted was a nice bonus."

I'm secretly glad I ignored that little 'E' because maybe more than my gas tank was in need of filling; so was my 'spiritual/emotional' tank, and tonight Kiki and I filled it.

Blessing are everywhere...even in the empty gas gauge.

Lisa is a wife of 1; a daughter of 2; a mother of 3; a lover of 4; a homemaker of 5...and she is INFINITELY grateful for it all. You can read more from Lisa on her blog A Crazee Chick's Love Life

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