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As mothers, we strive to give our babies the very best. We agonize over each decision we make. We ask for advice from friends, doctors, and the occasional stranger. knows this, and strives to bridge the gap between making healthy choices, and making easy choices.

SproutBaby offers a variety of eco-friendly products for mom and baby, ranging from lotions to books, to containers for feeding. They are so committed to the planet and the future of our children, that 1% from their gross sales goes directly to their non-profit partner, Healthy Child Healthy World.

SproutBaby has an entire line of organic baby food, co-founded by celebrity chef Tyler Florence. Together they have created delicious combinations of foods that will give your baby the head start you want, and the head start they need. The SproutBaby baby food is made from nature's purest ingredients. There are no preservatives, sugars, starches, or fillers. The roasted banana's are made from roasted banana's. There's no extensive ingredient list. This is food that tastes good, and is good for your baby. For your convenience, they even have a SproutBaby Club, where you can get a monthly delivery of food (which you get to choose) for even more savings.

And they're not limited just to baby food.

They offer a variety of earth friendly products, ranging from lotions and shampoos, to books and diapering. Their aim is to make purchasing products, essential to the development of healthy children, accessible and effortless. They even offer a social network for parents to provide the space and the forum for discussion, articulation and enthusiasm about healthy, mindful and responsible parenting.

knows that every choice we make has the ability to change our path. They want to support us in doing our part, and it starts with something as simple and natural as feeding your baby.

Enjoy shopping for quality baby clothing at

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