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Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it has really got me thinking. What will my holiday traditions be?

My family is relatively young. I have a 5, 4, 3, and 2 year old. Before this year, they weren't very aware of Thanksgiving. They didn't care if we spent it at home or at McDonald's. I could do (or NOT do) whatever I wanted, and they were none the wiser.

This year though, this year is going to define what I do for the rest of my life. This is the year that those short people are old enough to remember stuff.

I've decided to really focus on what we're thankful for.... EACH OTHER.

Of course, this means that we'll be spending lots of time together, making those traditions. I plan to go on a hike Thanksgiving morning. That's what I did in my family, though I don't remember my mom going. I think she mostly shooed my dad and all six of us kids out of the house so she could cook in peace. Despite her motive, it's something that I want to continue.

We also played games. Scrabble, Rumikub, Thanksgiving Bingo. We would spend hours with each other, laughing, having fun, and eating a little turkey.

Most years, our whole family would be invited to our home. They would descend upon us with hot rolls and pecan pies. We would run to the car to see what we could help carry in. Then my grandpa would sit on the couch and ask us about school. Who were our teachers? What were our grades? What was our favorite class? What books are we reading? Then he would pat our hands and say "Good, good."

Of course, we don't live by family anymore, which is why I'm trying so hard to figure this all out. I'm even debating signing up for an Online Bingo community so that I can play with my family, wherever they may be.

What Thanksgiving traditions do you have? Do you spend it with family, friends, both? Is there a moment in the day where you think, THIS is what it's all about? How do you celebrate when your family is across the country or overseas? What do YOU do?

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