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Ultra Dental Water Jet

I have teeth issues.

I still have baby teeth (bizarre), my wisdom teeth never came in, I have receding gums, and don't even get me started on sensitivity.

Naturally, when the good people at offered to send me the Ultra Dental Water Jet WP-100, I said yes.

When it got here, I opened the package right up and took it to my bathroom to test it out.

I read through the instructions, which are simple enough, and chose to start with the standard Jet Tips. I placed the tip along the back of my gumline and turned the Water Jet on. It took me a few tries to find the ideal amount of pressure for  me.  It also took me awhile to figure out how to clean my teeth, continue breathing, and not spray water on the mirror, all at the same time.

Of all the attachments, the pik pocket is my favorite. Like I said, I have receding gums, and it has been a daily battle to keep them as healthy as possible. The pik pocket attachment goes right to the gum line where it cleans and massages, gently and effectively.

I was surprised by the difference between regular brushing and the the Water Jet. I could taste the difference. It was as if I had just been cleaned by the dentist.

If you're looking into a water jet system, I'd definitely recommend the Ultra Dental Water Jet. It's small, powerful, and worth every penny.

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