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In my travels around the bloggernacle, I have noticed that there are lots of people hosting giveaways, including MMB. For the month of DECEMBER {jazz hands} we're doing giveaways to show our appreciation and thank our awesome readers for their loyalty!

It's been a big year for MMB, and it's not like we can go around and give everyone a hug or a shout out. This is how the interwebs show thanks... by giving FREE STUFF.

Besides, it's a fun way to find new places or stores to haunt and maybe even score some bling in the process.

One particular giveaway caught my eye. It's different, and a worldwide effort.

It's called Giving Is Awesome and they are trying to get photographers to donate $1,000,000 (yes that is ONE MILLION dollars) in photography packages to deserving families around the world. These families are ones who could otherwise not afford their services. As of today, they have 264 photographers participating with a total of $270,941 of donated services.

Isn't that simply amazing?

These wonderful people are doing this because of their love of photography and because they want to help out those in need. What a wonderful thing! This, to me, is what Christmas is truly about. Not the gifts, but the giving.

I absolutely love this idea! You can click here to see a map with locations where photographers are participating.

I became aware of this amazing giveaway because one of our very own MMB photographers is participating in this project-- Veronica Reeve. She is generously donating $1,000 to a deserving person/family. Isn't that wonderful?

All you need to do is visit her site and check out her rules, then email her your nomination at You cannot nominate yourself and it has to be someone that truly is incapable of purchasing these amazing services.

We all know of someone if we think hard enough-- a single mom, a family who is without a job, a family that is struggling-- that could really use a pick-me-up and this is one way to "pass it forward". Veronica has a way of capturing the inner beauty of everything she sees. She is astounding.

If you are a photographer that is participating in Giving is Awesome, send us an email at mormonmommyblogs {at}gmail dot com, and we will link you up here.

Let's all help this amazing program reach its goal of ONE MILLION DOLLARS of donated photography services. Just think of all the shiny, happy faces these amazing giveaways will bring!

Other photographers participating:

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