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How To Set New Years Resolutions (In which I become your Life Coach...)

Okay, so 2010 is upon us! Deep down, in the heart and soul of all of us, we want to be better people this year. Right? RIGHT!

But how?

Well, I’m with the "secret to being a better person" people. And the secret is simple. It is ageless. It is… 

(insert applause and wild screaming here.)

I know we all MAKE New Year’s Resolutions only to break them at 8:58am Jan 1st. Then we spend the whole of January cursing ourselves and the natural man in all of us. Then come February, we pretend like we never made them in the first place.

It’s just so hard to change. It’s danged near impossible. 

Not this year!

This year, you’re going to be successful. Your goals for the New Year will come to fruition.

Here’s How:

Keep it small, folks. Just keep it small.

Banish thoughts of “I will run a marathon in March.” Try, instead, “I will get off the couch and go up and down the stairs 8 times today.”

See? Small, attainable goals are the way to go. And most likely you go up and down the stairs 6-7 times each day already, simply because you have to get a diaper, or find socks. Throwing an extra set or two in there is TOTALLY doable.

Then, the next day, set a new goal. “Today I will take all the laundry off the treadmill.” (Please note: I said NOTHING about putting the laundry away.)

Slowly but surely, you’ll build up to “Run a mile today.” Then perhaps, “Run two miles.” I’m telling you, that marathon will practically run itself.

Seriously, I can pretty much guarantee that before 2011 hits, you’ll have attained your goal.

Running isn’t your thing? Finances got you down? Don’t say, “Pay off the credit card by September!” You’ll just get mad when you fail to make triple payments. Instead try, “Don’t upsize my value meal today.” Or perhaps, “Buy generic cereal this week.” At some point you’ll be saying, “Save $200 a pay check” and before you know it: no more credit card debt.

Sounds simple right?

A disclaimer though: It only works if you KEEP doing it. If you only buy generic cereal ONCE or promptly put all the laundry BACK on the treadmill, you’re going to be your same old, unchanged self come New Year’s Day 2011. Then you’ll blame me, and that’s not cool.


Morgan Ing is a mom of three boys, and wishes there were more hours in the day. She blogs enthusiastically at



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