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Humbug, A Christmas Carol

One of our fellow MMB girls has two fantastic companies that she and her husband are apart of--
Sandman Studios and Paralight Films. They have put together a Christmas book project that is being released this Christmas called HUMBUG, A CHRISTMAS CAROL. It is about warmth and love and Christmas.

They are working with a charity called UTAH YOUTH VILLAGE to get the word out about the book and to provide a means of raising funds for program. The charity is given a coupon code (uyv) and when anyone purchases the book through the website using that code (uyv) they get 5% off the price of the book and the charity will be donated a dollar. To look at the book click here.

Sandman Studios would love to invite everyone associated with MMB to see the book and if they want to buy it use the Coupon Code (uyv) and have a dollar donated to the Utah Youth Village this Christmas. Also, if anyone has a charity that wants to work with HUMBUGCHRISTMAS.COM . They would love to know who you are!

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