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laken & lila

laken & lila makes the most adorable clothing for kids of all sizes.

My daughter Blayne and I poured over the site, discussing all the pros and cons of each skirt. We needed something PINK, that would go with more than one of her shirts, and that we already had tights for.

There were a LOT of options, which made me oh so happy, and we ended up getting the patchwork skirt.

 patchwork skirt: purchase here

As any mother of girls knows, finding clothes can be tricky and expensive. Certain pieces can only be worn with certain other pieces.

But not so with laken & lily. Heather understands that kids clothing needs to be wearable and comfortable.
It's all about comfort and joy. You want your kids to be comfy and not fight getting dressed. You want them to love what they are wearing and you love what they are wearing. All designs are created to be simple. Simple = comfort & joy. The joy part comes from your little darlings wearing the clothes. They feel comfortable, cute and proud of what they are wearing. Who knew clothes could do all this!!!

Best of all, since every piece is custom made, you can specify lengths.Which, for a certain long-legged 5 year old, adding a few inches makes a world of difference. 

The turn around on the skirt was quick too. Within a week, I had a package in my mailbox, and a happy little girl dancing in her new pretty skirt.

Be sure to check out laken & lily's entire line in the etsy shop.

Enjoy shopping for quality baby clothing at

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