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New Beginnings

Writer. Author. Historian. Columnist. Headliner. Essayist. Freelancer...


This year has been an amazing one at Mormon Mommy Blogs.

In the last eight months, we've become a dot com.

We got LLC'd.

We got noticed....

I can hardly believe it's only been eight month since our initial rebirth.

Eight very full, amazing, stress inducing, and sleep depriving months.

Motherboard and I have been working around the clock.

We get hundreds of emails, and as much as we want to answer each and every one of you, it's just not possible.

Most recently, we've undergone a complete site redesign. I'm not sure how many of you understand exactly what goes on during a process like that, but it is hours upon hours of writing and building and designing and redesigning. The new look is sleeker, and easy to navigate. Even the MMB forum has undergone major revisions in the last week, and now boasts a simpler design with more features than ever before.

I'm telling you this because we want to thank you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for believing in us and in this site. Thank you for actively participating in the discussions. Thank you for supporting one another, and for cheering us on.

The new year is coming, and with that, resolutions. We would like to herald in the New Year with a few more changes of our own.

Firstly, the email situation. We've had one email address for far too long. From this point forward, you can contact Mormon Mommy Blogs using the following email addresses:

Secondly, we are very pleased to announce that we have assembled a Contributor* Team. We are looking forward to having regular contributors, and are so excited for all the talents that they bring.

Third item of business.

We are having a blog conference.

Hang on a second, that didn't come out right. Let me try that again.....

Phew, that's better.

We will be gathering in the Salt Lake area on May 28th and 29th for a weekend of learning. Seminars include writing, photography, internet safety, community, how to grow your readership, the dynamics of blogging, how to be awesome, and etc. etc. etc.

We are super duper excited about this (because we're dorks of that caliber) and we will be giving you more details as we know them. Details about things like....

The Party on Friday night.
Special guests. (CJane! Loralee! and so. many. more.)
the Price, good heavens, THE PRICE.

You asked for a reasonably priced blogging conference and all we can say is, YOU'RE WELCOME.

Like I said, more details will be shared as we work them out. But for now, mark that weekend on your calendar and plan to meet our cute faces. IN REAL LIFE.

(We're not floating heads in jars! Who ever would have guessed!)

(Although that begs the questions, how does a head in a jar type?)

(With a nose!)

(dun dun dunnnnn)

And that's all she wrote.


*If you are interested in becoming a MMB team member, you may contact us at Please include your name, your blog URL, why you want to be on the team, and a link to a recent post that you feel is in keeping with the MMB standard.

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