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Spaces for Faces

I first heard about Spaces for Faces because of their adoption pass along cards.

Then I found out that they do custom games, in addition to birth announcements, Christmas cards, wedding invites, family home evening charts, etc. etc. etc.

And just in time for Christmas, they have introduced a new product, the Neighbor Gifts Printables Pack.

The pack comes to you in a digital file, so all you have to do is open it up and print it out. The gifts come with instructions, as well as a material list, so that you know just what to do to make all of your neighbors a cute, affordable gift.

In fact, I'm going one step further, and am using the printables for our upcoming December enrichment meeting. The candy bar wrapper proclaiming "Our Version Of Homemade Fudge" is too cute not to use a hundred times over. I'm also using one of the printables for teacher gifts. Honest to goodness, this pack made my holiday plans a whole lot easier, and at the low price of $5.99, how can you not love it?

Spaces For Faces also gave us some Holiday Cards to try out. Frankly? I was ecstatic! I have never had really cool Christmas cards before. I usually buy the tacky box of 24 from Target with Snoopy on the front (don't judge).

Once I even tried to make my own photo Holiday Cards, but it really ended up being more of a disaster than anything. Photoshop hates me.

Spaces For Faces makes getting your Holiday Card easy- peasy- one- two- threesy! It really was that simple. I just had to go to their site and choose the design that I liked best. Then, I emailed the photos that I wanted to use to Spaces for Faces, and they took care of the rest.

Spaces for Faces explains the process:

Customers order through PayPal on the Spaces for Faces site, where they are then directed to a page with instructions. An email is also sent with instructions for completing the product that is ordered. Customers send the requested items (pictures, personalized greeting, etc.) and Spaces for Faces puts together a few proofs for previewing. They try to have the proofs back within 24-48 hours (M-F). Then they work with the customer to fine tune their product until they are completely satisfied with how it looks. Once Spaces for Faces receives the okay, it's sent off to print

Isn't that easy?

I couldn't believe how quick this company was, and how professional these cards look. She was absolutely fantastic to work with. She tweaked my cards so that they looked Just. Right. Once the cards were the same as the visions that were dancing through my head, it only took 5-7 days for me to get the actual product.

These cards are much better than what you could order from any regular old Photo-mart. Jill sends your files to a professional developing company in New York. You can rest easy knowing that your cards are printed on the highest quality paper-- which really does make a difference.

The other thing that is incredible with Spaces For Faces is the cost. You can get ten 5x7 Holiday Cards for $6.00 -- without ever leaving the comfort of your own home! Spaces for Faces will have the cards shipped directly from the printers to you.

From start to finish Spaces for Faces is the easiest way to get high quality Holiday Cards at an incredible price!

Disclosure: Space For Faces provided these two products to us at no charge. They pay a monthly fee for sponsorship on our blog.

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