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Discussion Wednesday - Making the Time

I read an article awhile ago, about how a married couple added "sex" on the calender.

To make sure that they HAD it, twice a week.

The comments that went along with the article were harsh. Unfairly so.

The thing is, I totally get that.

In my life, with 4 young children running amok, and mountains of laundry to keep up with, and groceries to buy, and bills to pay....

It's too easy to fall into bed at night completely exhausted and forget that I need to maintain a relationship with my husband.

We all know that men and women are two different creatures.

We operate under entirely different circumstances, and we have entirely different needs.

I need clean counters.

He needs sex.

And even if I'm not into things in the beginning, after a few minutes, I'm grateful that we took the time to remember to have sex.

And if I have to write in on the calender, so be it.

Does that trivialize our relationship? I don't think so.

Do we still have spontaneous sessions? Yes.

Do you think that scheduling sex takes the fun and passion out of it?

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