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General Conference Discussion - A Willingness to Believe

Twice a month, we invite you study a talk from the most recent General Conference with us, and hopefully join in on discussion about the principles taught.


As we continue to review and study some of the General Conference talks, this week's talk is called "An Easiness and Willingness to Believe." (read it, watch it) It was given by Elder Michael T. Ringwood of the Quorum of the Seventy during the Sunday afternoon session of General Conference. Our lives can become complicated, but the gospel is quite simple; He teaches that just taking the most simple, basic steps in our daily lives gives us access to the knowledge, blessings and faith we need to wade through all the complications.

"The daily living of the gospel brings a softness of heart needed to have an easiness and willingness to believe the word of God."
"If you are like me, you will find what really brought an easiness and willingness to believe were not the circumstances but the commitment to live the gospel during [significant] periods of life."

What are ways that the basic "Sunday School" things (scriptures, prayer, etc.) have blessed you? In what ways have you noticed that it really makes a difference?

We all know these simple, daily acts of worship are important, but sometimes it is hard to make time for them and remember to do them. Do you have any ideas to share that have helped you to be more consistent?

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