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Gitting Fit in 2010

In the Word of Wisdom there is a line that says that one of the blessings of following it is that we "shall run and not be weary, and shall walk and not faint" (D&C 89:20). So you may wonder why an attempt to go running results with you being weary and faint within the first block. In your quest to lose weight and/or get fit this year keep these simple tips in mind.

Start Small
There is no reason to think you need a six pack in six weeks, or the ability to run a 10k after three months. Think of the tortoise and the hare: pace yourself! This is especially important if exercise is new to you. It takes your body time to adjust to the things you are putting it through. Starting small helps you to gradually strengthen your muscles, joints, tendons and heart. It is always better to start easy and move up than to tackle too much too fast and end up injured. Injuries sometimes happen, and if it happens to you take care of it properly so it doesn't become a lasting problem.

Spend your money where it counts
Unless you are already in the habit of doing a regular workout routine, a gym membership may not be the best route for you. If you're not comfortable working out yet, doing it in front of a lot of strangers is intimidating and inconvenient. For the same price as the sign up fee, you can get yourself some equipment instead. Hand weights, yoga mats, appropriate shoes, or resistance bands are all good options. If life gets in the way of your new goals for a while, that 5 lbs hand weight will still weight the same when you come back to it, and you don't have to worry about the monthly withdrawals from your bank account. If you are interested in trying fitness videos, rent before you buy. Try a wide variety and only buy the ones you like. If a gym membership is the way you want to go, to a trial period first. Many gyms will offer them free or at a discounted rate.

Find something you love
The people who are most successful at staying active don't think of their workout as a chore. It has become a hobby. Finding an activity you enjoy may come where you lease expect it, so try new things. Yoga, running, biking, swimming, hiking...there are so many options! Be sure to give your chosen activity a sincere try, and if after a few weeks you find yourself dragging your feet switch. Choosing something that you not only enjoy, but will actually do is vital. It doesn't matter who recommended it to you; if you are not comfortable doing the program, it won't last.

Set Goals
Sometimes your worse enemy is your mind. Prepare mentally before you start each workout. How far are you going to walk? How many squats are you going to do? How long do you want to bike? Set a reasonable goal, and stick to it. Let other people in on your goals. Find a buddy to do it with you. Keep a log of what you have done and build on it. Weeks down the road, look back at how far you've come and congratulate yourself for all your hard work!

It is always a good idea to consult a health care professional about your fitness plans to make sure it is a safe activity for you. (I'm only saying that so you won't get mad at me when you get injured, I've personally never done it>) Listen to their advice and be safe!

Guest Post by Amy Nelson

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