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It's not often that we receive a product that goes on our "Must rush out and buy one for everybody we know" list. And we were not expecting this next one to casually saunter in here and jump straight to the top of the list, but jump it did.

MMB is over the moon in LOVE with Indestructibles.

It wasn't at all what I was expecting. The book itself is very thin, and when I think of baby books, I think heavy cardboard or fluffy fabric. The pages are like paper, but completely tear resistant. (Trust me, I tried. And then I let each of my kids try. And then I gave it over to my husband to see what he could do.) The book is so thin, that it will easily fit into any purse or diaper bag. Much better than their bulky counterparts.Of course, the pages are waterproof as well (oh yes, you can throw these suckers in the washing machine... if that's not a qualification of child-friendliness, I don't know what is.) These books are indestructible.

The pages are filled with bright, watercolor images. These are picture books, so you can make up your own story, or just enjoy the illustrations in silence. (Silence is always a good option for me.)

These books are absolutely incredible, and if you have a baby, or are about to have a baby, or know someone who has a baby, Indestructibles would make a perfect gift.

You can purchase an Indestructible book wherever books are sold.

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