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mimosa by katrina madsen berg, 16x20 oil on canvas
Mimosa: a unique and enchanting store no longer open Heber City's Main Street. Instead, there is a "for sale" sign out front and Ron and Linda's beautiful shop. IThe building is one of the Vallery's first. A child's boot was found concealed within the wall of the upstairs southern bedroom. I loved hearing Ron tell the story that described the old custom and when his remodel craftsman made the discovery.

When we first moved to Heber I fell in love with the old home that the Peelemans had recently renovated. It was just down the street from the designer's parent's home and the builder and I would take morning walks to take in it's charm. I remember the first time I went in. There was Ron, with a casual and friendly greeting. The home has a wonderful ambiance; the gifts, linens, toys: nothing easily obtained in these parts. I remember how excited I was to find lavender, herbes de provence, and handblocked linens. Heber didn't seem so far from the world to me that day.

Not much later I found myself working there from time to time. The builder and I shared many wonderful days there together: weeding in the yard, sweeping and dusting: all with him on my back. Later he would go to Grandma's or to his cousin's, and I would have time to myself..most of which I spent painting. I enjoyed visiting with customers who were just as enamored with the shop's treasures as I was. We would retell our journeys 'round the world and what brought us to this beautiful valley.

Ron and Linda have traveled all over the backroads of the world to find many of these treasures. Their main business that will not change when the home sells is called European Expressions. For more information and to see some of their products go to:

Although I will be truly sad when Mimosa is sold, Heber is a better place because of Ron and Linda. They have set a standard for shops in town and have given many small businesses hope. Thank you to Ron and Linda for your kindness and willingness to share the cultural beauties of our world in a rural piece of heaven. May you continue to find happiness and success as you share your talents and experiences.
Have the lovely boutiques and shops in your area been able to sustain this economic downturn? What are your favorites?

katrina madsen berg is an artist living and creating in Midway, Utah. She is a creator of home, a lover of the designer, and a nurturer and teacher of 3 small souls in the daylight. As the day turns to night, she creeps in to her studio and paints till the designer tells her its time to sleep. You can read more about her quest for beauty and to create at the daily delights, or check out more of her art at the wasatch back artists online gallery.

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