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Pregnant: A Field Guide to Fathering - Book Review

Pregnancy. There is nothing more mind-blowing, and life-changing for a woman than being pregnant and carrying a child. Everywhere you look, everywhere you go, you are bombarded with advice, and tips, and how-to's and how-to-nots... but what about the other half? The other, non-pregnant half? What about the dad?

In Pregnant: A Field Guide to Fathering, author Gary Kleiman tells it like it is.

"Men, your child needs you. And you need your child."

He offers simple, sage advice for soon-to-be fathers. I love how he stresses that things will be different, and that's okay! Different is fun! Different is exciting!
The book is separated into two sections.  Part one is called “Getting Daddy Ready”.  This section concerns itself with doing just that.  It helps to build self-confidence, patience, and a general understanding of what to expect when a man becomes a father.  And just as important, it helps a man to make some choices on his own that will help make the transition into parenting a little bit smoother. More than anything, this book helps connect a man with his children.
Part two of the book is entitled “Field Guide to Your Child”.  This is the practical stuff.  It answers questions like:  How do you clip those teensy weensy finger nails without taking a little snip out of their finger?  With so many models on the market, which potty seat should I buy?  Or should I have one in the first place?  What about teething?  What diapers should I choose?  What about pets?  And chores?  And should the baby sleep in his parent’s bed?  Or in its own? 

I really like this book. It's a no-nonsense guide to parenting. Sometimes things work, sometimes things don't. But if you are patient and kind, and realize that parenting is not about YOU, then mostly likely, everything will turn out just fine.

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