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Capture Your Family's Faces! Part One

If you visit my blog you will see a lot more pictures than words. There is a reason for that – I speak visually! I always try to get a little more verbiage into my posts, but I just can’t leave out this image or that one, because it says what I am feeling! I won’t use any cliché quotes about how many words a picture is worth, but we all know that we love images. What kind of photographs do you love the most? I bet you just thought “ones of the people I love.”

I am here to help you take better pictures of those you love. There are a couple of little things you can do with the digital camera you own right now that will make your pictures something you love to look at.

The first thing to do is to move in closer! This is always my number one when people ask what they can do. It is so easy! And I can almost guarantee you won’t get too close. When you are far away from your subject you are going to get a lot of distractions in your photograph. You also won’t be able to control the lighting as well, so move up!

Here is an example of a far away picture. Maybe you think this is a cool tree, but trust me in 20 years, you wont care about the tree, you will want to know what your little boy looked like at this point in life. Even on family vacations I say, get closer. Ask yourself, “Is the photo about the Grand Canyon or is it about your family?” You don’t need much information to know where a person is in a photograph.

Here I simply took my son around to the other side of the tree, you can still deduct that he is having a great time climbing a tree by his expression and the parts of the tree. But you can also see his face, his eye color, and just how darling he is.

So step in closer and take the time to position yourself! Go on out and try it. I will check back in with you a little later!


Anna has a BFA in photography which she uses to run her own photography business and a little bit of insanity and OCD which she uses to run a household with three sons and one wonderful husband. Catch up with her at her family blog or her photography blog!

All photographs by Anna Rasmussen

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