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Capture Your Family's Faces: Part Three

The last thing you can do to step up your picture taking is to get down on the level of your subject. This applies especially to children or pets, but also can apply to other people. Take a step into their world. Don’t take every picture from the same viewpoint. This will make your pictures more real and capture the moment much better.

Here is my son again, far away and sitting on the grass, while I am standing at a normal adult height. In the next picture he has not moved, but I have.

Sure, if you walked by right now you would see a crazy lady lying down with grass in her hair. But the image – wonderful! I also love to get my kids in the moment, but by this time he was tired of having his pictures taken and didn’t have any “cheeses” left in him. Does that make this picture worse? NOT AT ALL! That is true childhood, and I know it's what I will love to look at when he is grown.

Happy Photographing!


Anna has a BFA in photography which she uses to run her own photography business and a little bit of insanity and OCD which she uses to run a household with three sons and one wonderful husband. Catch up with her at her family blog or her photography blog!

All photographs by Anna Rasmussen

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