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Discussion Wednesday - Selfishness in Marriage

To outsiders, I'm sure our marriage appears fine.

I am an active LDS woman, and my husband attends regularly too.

But the spirit left our home long ago.

I'm passive aggressive, and my husband is the aggressor.

He loves to go out for long hours with friends, then he says he'll call but then never does.

I often wonder what's going on.

So I call HIM, but he doesn't answer.

Then there's the kids.

When it comes to what the kids want, or what I want, he tells me we can do it, but he doesn't want to be involved.

Even on holidays he doesn't want to join in the family activities.

When I try to discuss this with him, he threatens divorce,

Which I don't want to do for the sake of our children.

What can I do, as a wife, in this situation?

I need help and don't want to expose my family, for fear it will get back to husband and he will divorce me.

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